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Why do the Kardashians wear tights so much?

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner both love to wear them, and the most popular of these styles add holes, cuts, and straps to their skinniness, giving the body the tension it needs to break. These clothes are not limited to just one body shape, but with soft elastic fabrics and groundbreaking designs, they reveal the beauty of a wide variety of body forms. The September issue of Fashion and Beauty VOGUE, for example, is about women wanting to break free and “regenerate” their bodies. In the large film, the model’s body is bound by a stretch net that symbolizes a cocoon net, and photographer Juergen Teller adds to the conflict by taking a remote digital shot with an unembellished hand.

This is not an “aesthetic” image in the usual sense, bringing into Juergen Teller’s “anti-fashion” spirit, but who says there is only one kind of beauty?

Purple stretch dress Givenchy;

Color beaded corset Yue Qiqi;

Jacques Wei X Lost In Echo;

Jacques Wei gold Necklace;

Flesh color stretch net cover Personal items Green knitted hoodie Didu; Skin tone tights Fendi;

Louis Vuitton; circular metal head necklace;

Bottega Veneta white lace onesie, pink diamond necklace are Chanel;

White rubber platform shoes Givenchy; Red diamond earrings Sankuanz;

White pearl body chain Samuel Gui Yang;

White stretch blouse Personal belongings Brown green fur jacket, boots are Miu Miu;

Through this collection of fashion shoots, it’s not hard to see what’s coming next, which is to show the body more realistically and freely.


Comfortable, body-hugging clothes, derived from the French word for body (corse). But in English-speaking countries, it often stays synonymous with ‘body tights,’ which gets the label as binding and difficult to wear. Knitting gives tights a whole new meaning, making them soft, stretchy and easy to wear. In last year’s hit fashion series “Made in Italy”, Ottavio Missoni, an athlete, was mentioned as having designed the 1948 London Olympic uniforms for the national team in knitting before launching his knitwear brand, Missoni. Courreges also shared a knit bodysuit from the fall/winter 1976 collection on Instagram, with a similar design recreated for the fall/Winter 2021 collection. But they are not taut. The upper body is relaxed and stylish. Speaking after Miuccia Prada’s AUTUMN/winter 2021 show, she said: “It’s hard to find a piece that is as elastic and multi-faceted [as knit tights].”

So she used the piece to link men’s and women’s collections, emphasizing the comfort of comfort.

For Fashion & Beauty VOGUE’s “Coming Out of the Cocoons” campaign, we opted for a pair of patterned, knit platform boots that, instead of narrow leather or satin boots from previous seasons, wrap tightly around the legs for a warmer, cool look.

Prada 2021

Autumn/winter Pink Fringed Top Loewe;

Pink sequined Gucci; Pink print boots Prada;

White leggings personal items are not only knitted, a variety of elastic fabrics have also appeared on tights, jacquard fabric, crocheted lace, velvet… Provides a more rich and diverse modern appearance.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Tom FordStella

McCartneyMugler those “skin clothes” cut with shiny lycra and elastic tulle, transparent gauze quality without any reserve to reveal the figure. It doesn’t look so everyday, but it can be worn as an undergarment under a blazer or jeans, and it’s sexy enough to be attached. LaQuan Smith, who was born in New York, replaced lycra with glossy velvet and drew seductive patterns with elastic tulle, which was indescribably sexy. Even Chanel made a bodysuit out of tweed. Fashion stylist Diletta Bonaiuti wore it in a glamorous shoot on Capri Island.


Emilio Pucci’s signature print makes the tights look romantic. The brand also offers fresh and interesting options, such as leggings mixed with strappy sandals, for the early autumn of the transition season. And London label Sinead Gorey’s psychedelic pop-print sheath dresses are subtle-cool avant-garde.


Can not buckle up, is the way of fashion for the lack of wear inspiration for the girls, bring their own fashionable attributes of the hollow out sheet comes just right. For example, Courreges’ 60s-style white leather dress, which was extremely slim on the front and had holes cut on the side, made the shapely Dua Lipa look sexy.

Dion Lee, a Sydney-based designer who specialises in creating visually dramatic pieces of stretchy thin knitwear that follow the shape of the body, shows off different body shapes. There is also a new online celebrity brand Poster Girl, whose sexy tension is expressed with the cutouts of the garde and the transparent thin knitting of the fluorescent tone, which quickly became popular under the “carrying goods” of Kylie Jenner and Dua Lipa.

Designer Francesca Capper said in an interview that the idea of adding a tear to the bodysuit is to release the body in the right place and give the Poster Girl just the right amount of sex appeal.

You can also find similar pieces in designer brand Sinead Gorey. The straightforward and bold hollow-out design makes basic skinny pieces full of design sense.

Similarly, Chinese designer brand Rui’s irregular cut pieces highlight the silhouette of the human body with a split knit design.

Zhou Rui, the designer, says her designs combine the “white space” of ancient Chinese paintings with the violent aesthetics of Araki, but are inherently focused on the female body itself.

In the design of French minority brand Marcia, contain a trace of Oriental amorous feelings, the side of the dress is hollow with round buckle connection, proper show skin, fashionable will not appear excessive grandiose.

Christopher Esber’s Early Spring 2022 collection also featured a similar hollowout with multiple notches, which were not only more chic, but also more elegant. The most signboard design of the brand adjusts the space of naked skin by tying and pulling pleats, creating a lazy and romantic style.

These body-revealing clothes are never limited to slim and toned figures.

London label Karoline Vitto offers a more varied aesthetic, with specific cuts, pulsating lines and metallic accents that frame women’s curves and bring out a discreet sexiness.

In addition to tight and hollow, women’s bodies can also be shown through see-through materials. Albanian designer Nensi Dojaka is known for her wonderful structural elements design. At the same time, she tends to blend in gauze pieces in her design. Through different degrees of perspective contrast, she presents the most perfect visual effect on the body, which is both soft and beautiful, but also neatness and fashion. Tulle tops, dresses and hosiery also appeared in Emma CorrinGivenchy Spring/summer 2022, with layered mix-ups that reduced perspective and made the look more everyday and personal. In the fall/winter 2021 collection, see-through tops and dresses woven with silk threads show different physical charms with rule-breaking spirit.

In Juergen Teller’s Fashion and Beauty VOGUE shoot, the same hard-to shapely woven fashion plays a central role, presenting the expression of “destruction” and “renewal” in an unusual way.

The two pieces are from domestic designer brands Chen Peng and Lucency respectively.

Green knit dress Chen Peng; Black leggings Dior; Green rubber boots, bracelets are Bottega Veneta glitter strap dress Lucency; Jacques Wei X Lost In Echo; Repeated on the inside pages of Italian VOGUE, this netted crocheted top by Nove Punto Nove speaks to the beauty of the female body in a more romantic style.

Danish knitwear brand A. Roege Hove uses A special weave to create A transparent texture and excellent elasticity that can accommodate A wider range of body forms and bring out A light sex appeal. We’re also starting to break our obsession with the “perfect body,” embracing more diverse aesthetic values and boldly revealing our bodies. What if?

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