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What shoes do northern girls like to wear in winter?

Northern girls feel that the south winter is actually not very cold, bare legs what should be no problem, in fact, although the south can wear a little meager, but the winter depends on shaking, go home shake more severe.

In fact, many northern girls wear short-sleeved T-shirts under their down jackets. When they enter the room, they only take off their summer clothes.

Specific to the shoe, the difference is also many. Girls in the north, for example, have the courage to wear sneakers and show their ankles even in the winter because there is heating in the room. If they want to wear long Johns when they go out, they prefer strap-up boots, which are easier to plug into the pants.

Of course, the specific situation is also specific analysis, in general, northern girls in winter when choosing shoes is generally the following several cases.

Northern girls from the three northeastern provinces said:

Fashion is not important, survival is important

For most northern girls, cold feet may endure the past, but for often minus 20 to 30 degrees in the Three Northeastern provinces, go out must have a pair of warm shoes to protect life.

Every girl in the below-freezing north has a pair of uggs at the bottom of her suitcase, and with them, the icy commute to work doesn’t seem so difficult.

In the past, most ugg boots were clumsy and bulky, but now they are a combination of good looks and warmth, not only height, but also long legs.

This year, Ugg introduced a jelly transparent wool boot that is more waterproof than its predecessors. There is also an ultra ankle uggs for a more varied look with longer legs.

In addition to snow boots, other furry boots are also very popular with northern girls, especially the high boots, which have saved the old cold legs of countless northern girls.

Dior has a pair of furry boots in its collection this year, but the model looks a bit leggy, while another pair with velvet inside looks better.

Northern girl’s household slippers are furry, furry slippers or very versatile, and a sock can wear out at any time.

Gucci’s new hair slippers have a christmas-like color scheme this year, while Fendi’s slippers are all branded with the iconic Logo.

The northern girl had a car

That’s not the case

In contrast to the northern girls from the three northeastern provinces who only care for their lives, there are a group of northern girls who wear shoes without any taboos and wear whatever looks fashionable – they are the northern girls who own cars.

There is less trouble of freezing hands and feet during daily commuting, and the indoor temperature is in place, so the restrictions on buying shoes are naturally much less, so you can see the most popular shoes on their feet.

Take the BV platform boots that went viral this year. BV boots are so slim that they don’t look bloated in long Johns or cashmere socks, so in winter only girls who own cars can wear them. After all, if you own a car, you can wear long Johns.

Prada’s platform collection has also made waves in 2020, and the tactical boot has recently been introduced in a shorter version that is much more wearable. These shoes should be worn with thin legs, and women in the north would wear them with socks and stockings to avoid a bloated bottom.

Cowboy boots are also popular items in the fall and winter of this year. I don’t know if you noticed, cowboy boots work well with any style of clothing, from urban chic to Y2K spice to warm down jackets and ferrets, and that’s the damn appeal of cowboy boots.

The way to wear a MIDI skirt with cowboy boots is both warm and lightweight, which is perfect for northern girls who seamlessly fit inside and inside cars.

If you’re looking for the best value for a pair of cowboy boots, Zara is the place to go. Last year’s pair was trending on Instagram, but this year’s pair is basically the same design, and is now available for $259 off.

Sneakers are for girls in the north

Lazy artifact

If you don’t have an important date, northern women prefer a laid-back, comfy and stylish look in winter, with a thick coat often topped with a soft hoodie, sweatpants, and a pair of sneakers without thinking. Why sneakers, you ask? Are there any shoes that are easier to slip on and off, easy to wear, warm and stylish than sneakers?

Sneakers are no excuse for slacking off. Seemingly random choices can be tricky, as as long as the shoes are nice, a simple pair of sweatpants or jeans will do.

If you want something new, you still have to choose a style. Northern girls prefer to discover the potential or hidden styles that have been overlooked by the public.

New Balance, for example, is a neglected brand, but northern girls love its retro flavor, which is less clunky than the dad shoes that fill the streets. More finicky people also opt for styles made in Britain or America.

When it comes to vintage running shoes, you can’t forget GAT shoes. German training shoes are a pair of northern girls like to go with all the seasons, enough to support the collocation of the whole year. A coat, jeans and a hat, plus a pair of well-trained shoes, will make it through the winter.

In addition to MM6 shoes, the industry is very popular, Onizuka Tiger, Adidas, Puma and other brands of shoes are a more affordable choice.

How to dress is also the focus of northern girls’ attention. In the streets of the north, you can often see girls matching sneakers with white socks, which is the most popular sneakers for young people to wear. So you see, northern girls are not lazy at all when it comes to wearing sneakers.

Some shoes are beautiful for northern girls and southern girls

All Call for them

But northern girls and southern girls have a lot in common (like good-looking boys), and they have surprisingly similar preferences and preferences when it comes to certain shoe styles.

Over-the-knee boots, for example, are super practical in both the North and the South. For northern girls, over-the-knee boots are just another pair of long Johns to wear, providing much better protection from the cold than regular pants.

Of course, there are certain differences between the southern girls and the northern girls when they wear knee boots: the southern girls’ knee boots are often translucent black silk inside, while the northern girls’ knee boots look like they wear bare legs, but in fact they are bare legs magic items, maybe there are also hot insoles inside.

It has been said that girls in the south always look a little more fashionable than girls in the north, but in the past two years, girls in the south and girls in the north have become equally sensitive to fashion. Square toe shoes in the trend of the frequency of the foot is simply not too high, the difference is that southern girls are at the end of the season at a discount to pick up the leakage of square toe sandals, while northern girls have long put on warmer square toe boots.

Square boots belong to the practical and temperament of both sides of the strong players, more than round boots style and handsome, comfortable than pointed shoes a lot of good, northern girls can set inside the thick cashmere socks are not crowded feet.

In addition to off-White and Balenciaga, Lost in Echo’s square toe boots can also be noticed, with straps, buckles and metal chains to make winter boots boring.

For sure, it is impossible to describe all the northern girls’ preferences in one article, because the scope of the north is too big (after all, for Guangdong people, the provinces and cities north of Guangdong province are all northern). If there are styles we haven’t mentioned, please tell us with coordinates in the comments.

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