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Have socks been underrated in the fashion world? Can’t help but justify it!

Even socks are rolled in today, socks is no longer functional existence, different styles of socks emerge in endlessly, so that it jumped to join the ranks of fashion.

If we want to get rid of the socks from its original single functional existence and pull back to the ranks of fashion items, what kind of socks can be called fashion?

As one of the most popular sock styles, glass socks stand out from other socks because of their unique semi – see-through design. The onefold and depressing that differs from traditional silk hosiery, the color design of a lot of different decorative pattern designs on glass hosiery makes it instantly full of vitality. In addition, glass socks unique semi-perspective material no matter from wearing feelings or vision, give a person a fresh and bright eye feeling.

When it comes to stylish socks, many people naturally think of stockings. Whether ten years ago, or today, hose seems to have never left the fashion world. But where do you wear your stockings so they don’t feel like they did 10 years ago? Look at the “business” wear of stars, or everyday street wear, give the same answer – choose knee-length stockings. This kind just arrives knee length, can decorate leg model already, adjust figure proportion, can let integral modelling become more absorb eyeball again. Can these salty, sweet fashion items be added to your trend this year?

When it comes to printing, it seems that there is one more element that will last in the fashion world. Printed socks are the first to break the stereotype of socks. The variety of prints has led to a big change in people’s attitude towards socks, and people are thinking hard about how to wear socks to show the full picture of their own. Printing socks all the time is the popular sheet that autumn winter wears to build is tasted, colourful sock is autumn winter depressing wear built to add many vigor, high-profile printing and bright-coloured colour collision just is the correct way that autumn day noonday opens!

The last must be mentioned, of course, is never out of fashion stockings. What makes a classic a classic is that it comes with a buff that never goes out of style, but pantyhose can be perfectly digested no matter what season or occasion. Whether it’s with heels, boots, or even sneakers, hosiery is always easy to wear with different styles, and even just one pair of hosiery can be worn for many different looks.

In more and more different styles of socks, how to find socks that belong to their own style? We sorted out these socks matching formula, I believe you can always find the right one for yourself.

More and more different styles of Mary Jane shoes have flooded the market recently as the shoes have made a comeback. But in fact, look to socks, only a pair of Mary Jane can also wear a different pattern and style. The glass socks with different design and style collocation Mary Jane shoes can explain a completely different style, sweet and cool girl to the fair maiden only a pair of socks distance! In addition, the unique pattern and pattern embroidery of glass socks, separated from the most common pure color socks wearing formula, bring people a bright feeling.

The combination of high heels and socks, once considered tacky, was vindicated on the runway. But this outfit wants to be stylish for everyday wear and can be changed from socks. Ditch chunky cotton socks and pair them with high heels.

Knee-high socks have become common on stage and in everyday life. But for knee-high socks, it is also easy to “tread on thunder”. Go up in the collocation of shoe, choose the shoe that fastens with color as far as possible or close to color fastens, ability lets leg ministry line look more fluent on the vision, have the effect that decorates leg model. In addition, the choice to wear the lower body also need to be careful. The classic formula of pleated skirts and knee-high socks reminds us to keep the bottom half short.

Loafers have been one of the hottest items in the last two years, and their classic combination — white socks and loafers — is making a comeback. The combination of white socks and loafers was originally reserved for men, but in today’s age – and gender-neutral world, the classic combination has inspired a new look for women. Bring the combination that feels restoring ancient ways no matter be in street or duty field, the fashionable feeling that will different style wears to build at a draught pulls full. This classic and restore ancient ways to wear the return of the law, let a person sigh again, fashion is indeed a reincarnation!

Socks are successfully pulled back to the ranks of fashion, believe that many people to the socks to buy desire has been ready to move. But when the choice and collocation to sock, have a bit careless, vogue and soil are only the distance of one step perhaps. Here are some of the “minefields” of socks to wear for your reference.

When choosing fluorescent socks

Avoid wearing shoes in the same saturated color

Fluorescent color items have always been a relatively easy area to tread on thunder, which makes many people shy away from fluorescent elements. Actually otherwise, fluorescent color suits the sheet that uses at small area very much to taste, will wear the clever ornament that builds as a whole set, the bag of a fluorescent color, sock often can regard fashionable feeling as develop acme sheet to taste. But it is often echoed by some low-key collocation. In everyday wear, if you want to choose fluorescent socks, you should try to avoid a pair of shoes with the same high saturated color, choose some less visible colors.

Correct opening mode:

Say NO to horizontal striped socks

In addition to increasing the sense of fashion, socks are popular because of their function of modifying the shape of the legs. The horizontal stripe element naturally widens the proportion of the whole body visually, and the wide stripe socks are also difficult to match, or even to relate to fashion. If you want to echo other pieces on your body and need to choose socks with some stripe elements, consider vertical stripes or narrow stripes.

If you’re looking for a more stylish bag for your fall/winter wardrobe, try taking inspiration from socks. This low-cost and error-proof fashion item will help you unlock more fashion possibilities with one click!

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