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After wearing jeans for years, the “unbuttoned” jeans have gone viral

From the workwear of the 19th century Gold Rush, to the home of the average American, to the cover of American VOGUE — the November 1988 issue of Israeli model Michaela Bercu’s bejeweled Christian Lacroix couture bomber jacket, Paired with a pair of Guess jeans, jeans have become an integral part of the wardrobe. No matter what price jeans, no matter what occasions to wear. Loose, tight, high waist, low waist, straight tube, horn… These classic elements are probably already in your wardrobe. What else can jeans do for you? Neil: Yes, of course. Today we’re talking about special styles with some clever manipulation around the waist. Wearing them and losing five pounds in a second is not a dream. Dislocation buckle jeans, can be said to be the secret weapon in the female wardrobe this year. As the name suggests, this style is designed to create a crisscrossing waist by changing the button position on the front and clever tailoring. The buttons are tightening up. Aren’t they skinny enough? You see, just move the button and a pair of plain jeans comes back to life.

Last year, Danish eco-friendly brand Ganni teamed up with jeans doyen Levi’s to launch a collection of jeans that can be rented rather than bought, and there were some examples of misplaced pants.

The American vintage 501 is in keeping with Ganni’s usual playfully precise silhouettes and details, and can be rented for a week for $55. Fashion blogger Aimee Song and supermodel Elsa Hosk prove how versatile misplaced jeans can be through everyday, hands-on wear.

Whether it’s an artsy deep V pleated shirt, or a sweet and spicy candy-colored neck vest, paired with high-waisted mismatched pants, it’s easy to visually adjust the proportions of your body while decorating your legs.

既然设计师把所有的精力都花在腰部的设计上,我们当然不能辜负。错位裤最好的上衣当然是显腰的那款,短款、镂空、紧身,甚至方型的上衣都是不错的选择。元素的解构和重构归根结底是解构的体现。近日,博主露西·威廉姆斯发布了一张自己身穿彩色针织露肩上衣搭配拼接腰身牛仔裤的照片。这些“山腰纹”来自解构设计师 Maison Margiela,以及牛仔品牌 Agolde。如果繁琐的错位纽扣或拼接这种细节不能满足你的个性,那不妨试试拼接与错位腰相结合的形式。纽约品牌 Monse 的这条不合身的牛仔裤受到了极大的关注,时尚博主们争先恐后地炫耀。无论是搭配浪漫的露肩或婴儿领上衣,还是适合秋季俏皮的复古红色和棕色,这些极具视觉冲击力的个性化牛仔裤都会让您在人群中脱颖而出。

The jeans are reminiscent of Vetements’ irregular leg jeans that were a craze a few years ago. The design has shifted from the legs to the waist, from revealing slender ankles to creating a thin waist, but the light of creating personality through deconstruction has always been there. With the popularity of the mismatched jeans, jean designers have been able to build on the success with sister versions of the “cross Waist” and advanced versions of the “Multi-layer wear.” Bella Hadid paired high-waisted jeans with a black sweater, an underarm bag and platform shoes in her most recent private look. Imagine how much less stylish this look would be if you replaced it with regular high-waisted jeans. Westside Compost’s new eco-friendly collection is an example of a jeans that can be layered. In the blockbuster, the short and tight white Tee gives jeans enough space to show.

歌手兼音乐家 Dua Lipa 的双色调发型、双腰牛仔裤、复古印花紧身衣和针织衫堪称现代时尚的典范。当然,无处不在的单腰牛仔布也在男装上留下了印记,Diesel 为其 2022 年春夏系列带来了实验和颠覆。一系列不羁的造型,告诉人们单宁是这样一种无性别的潮流,没有界限的中流砥柱。

不知道你是否还记得 1990 年代初期的嘻哈风格,当时先驱们喜欢宽松的腿和下垂的宽松牛仔裤。哪里有什么腰线和比例的说,够分解才算个性。经过一个时尚周期,宽松牛仔裤最近以全新的面貌回归大众。这一次,经常用于西装裤的捏褶出现在牛仔裤上。

Hailey Bieber is a big fan of these cowboys. Her street photos, however, show them all year round.

Simply step on a pair of small white shoes under the pleated pants, and you can go out at any time. It’s hard not to be cool. As for the top half? Hailey also gave the answer: short knitted top, tailored leather coat, square collar tights… To sum up, any number of combinations are possible.



经典的粗花呢外套、干净的白色T恤、性感的薄纱上衣,都为糖果色的紧身阔腿牛仔裤增添了几分休闲活力。牛仔裤一直是基本款的主打。Lizzy Hadfield 是一位英国博主,她不断将基本元素转化为新事物,她将白色背心与同色系褶皱牛仔裤搭配在一起。黑带是亮点。

Georgia May Jagger 白衬衫搭配蓝色牛仔裤是经典中的经典,永不过时。

Denim on Denim is equally important. As fall approaches, full-body denim is sure to grow in popularity, whether paired with crisp jackets or vintage shirts. Elsa Hosk opted for a long pair of jeans with pinched pleats and a bag-type waist to lengthen legs and slim waist. That’s right, the next jeans we recommend are high-waisted paper bag pants.


甚至男装。是的,我们在 Louis Vuitton 2022 春夏男装系列中发现了纸袋裤。说到女装中的纸袋裤,当然不能忽视Isabel Marant。每年,每个季节,宽腰带的纸袋裤都是走秀的必备品。

Jeans are one of the most commonly used fabrics for paper bag pants, and paper bag denim shorts are a common item in street photography. Silhouetted denim tops are paired with baggy paper bag jeans and embellished with soft romantic ruff collars, punk rivets, vintage prints or leather, making the look gorgeous and retro yet free and easy. As for tightening the waist and legs under the foot of the loose pants, do not want to show fine.


艾玛·罗伯茨 (Emma Roberts) 的日常造型一直是轻盈的典范。米色针织衫和牛仔纸袋裤舒适时尚,银色玛丽珍鞋少女感十足。如果你想在初秋保持温暖和美丽,请从她的时尚秘诀中学习。

博主莎拉·艾伦 (Sarah Ellen) 将复古束带紧身胸衣搭配白色纸袋裤,腰部缠绕着麻线,营造出自然性感的外观。修身的白色 T 恤、高腰纸袋牛仔裤、平底凉鞋和复古鞋圈都是这座城市的热门话题,打造轻松别致的外观。

虽然演员谢琳·伍德蕾和时尚买手 Tiffany Hsu 选择了两条完全不同的水洗纸袋裤:一条黑色,一条白色,一条长袖深v,还有一条垫肩无袖,同款红唇色增添了同款风格简单的牛仔裤。



它的主要成分是棉花,简单的说,普通棉花不环保,现在需要大量的水,二是对农药的需求。据统计,世界上25%的农药用于棉花种植。而这两点直接给土壤带来破坏,给棉农带来危害。有机棉的出现大大减少了棉花的用水量和农药的使用量。但世界上只有 1% 的棉花是有机的。要让牛仔裤变得可持续,还有很长的路要走。



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