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    After wearing jeans for years, the “unbuttoned” jeans have gone viral

    From the workwear of the 19th century Gold Rush, to the home of the average American, to the cover of American VOGUE — the November 1988 issue of Israeli model Michaela Bercu’s bejeweled Christian Lacroix couture bomber jacket, Paired with a pair of Guess jeans, jeans have become an integral part of the wardrobe. No matter what price jeans, no matter what occasions to wear. Loose, tight, high waist, low waist, straight tube, horn… These classic elements are probably already in your wardrobe. What else can jeans do for you? Neil: Yes, of course. Today we’re talking about special styles with some clever manipulation around the waist. Wearing them and…

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  • Fall Fashion

    Have socks been underrated in the fashion world? Can’t help but justify it!

    Even socks are rolled in today, socks is no longer functional existence, different styles of socks emerge in endlessly, so that it jumped to join the ranks of fashion. If we want to get rid of the socks from its original single functional existence and pull back to the ranks of fashion items, what kind of socks can be called fashion? As one of the most popular sock styles, glass socks stand out from other socks because of their unique semi – see-through design. The onefold and depressing that differs from traditional silk hosiery, the color design of a lot of different decorative pattern designs on glass hosiery makes it…