The daily attention that sensitivity skins needs to know

The daily attention that sensitivity skins needs to know

If you are very unfortunate became sensitivity to skin, must notice to maintain in daily life so, certain ordinary but it is very improper behavior can stimulate your flimsy skin however, let it quicken consenescence.

One, avoid of the water that wash a face is too very hot. Running water had better be used when washing a face, and with Wen Shui. After been wash, can use cold towel cold compress. Avoid uses very hot water.

2, bathe and wash facial departure. Bathing water is too hot, use aptly far from wash a face, other skin is same, more never mention it sensitivity skinned. Must be washed so apart.

3, diet. Eating side should add an attention more euqally. Barbecue scarcely can eat, again delicious do not eat, can cause huge to destroy to sensitive skin, make skin lacks water badly. Of decoct blast should eat less, also had better be not to eat of course, no matter be staple food or snacks. Acrimony also should touch less had better. Also want at the same time little drink.

4, avoid evaporate sauna. Sensitivity skin should prohibit absolutely evaporate sauna. No matter be dry evaporate or wet evaporate.

5, avoid is waited for for a long time in dry environment. For instance the dry degree of air conditioning is desert is decuple, in be in so dry environment for a long time, the refreshment that skins to sensitivity is very adverse. In because this should think way as far as possible,increasing air wet degree.

6, little massage. Sensitivity skin wants to be massaged absolutely less, and time cannot exceed ten minutes, massage strength wants to be kneaded very gently.

7, avoid heats up gush. No matter be to be in beauty parlour, still be in the home, do not undertake heating up gush with hot steam.

8, prevent strictly bask in. Ultraviolet ray skins to sensitivity for also be a nuisance. Want annual to prevent bask in. It is to be outdoor not only, include to also must notice indoors, oneself live do not use too much fluorescent lamp, because fluorescent lamp also is,contain ultraviolet ray.

After becoming sensitivity to skin, the skin can become very flimsy, the change with slight outside brings about skin allergy likely, because this is in common conserve,must notice to take care to caress.

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