Sufficient ministry of cultivate of winter sufficient ministry nurses

Sufficient ministry of cultivate of winter sufficient ministry nurses

Come in the winter, weather more and more become dry rise, although drink water ceaselessly everyday, ceaselessly put on the skin all sorts of maintaining article, but still feel dry to work. The sufficient ministry that is not taken seriously especially, the likelihood is in this dry season, of moisture stealthily prediction of a person’s luck in a given year took away us the beauty of sufficient ministry. It is to maintain it when! We are shared together below how can you is unripe brightness doohickey.

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Crural ministry washs crural method drily:

The foot with dry skin, after washing a foot every time, want to use a brush to crack calcaneal, toe, base wait for place clean down. After washing a foot, can besmear some of olive oil, cover a polybag, again in immerge hot water, after waiting for pore to stretch, nutrient composition can be absorbed by crural flesh, hold to for a long time, the skin of crural ministry can get ameliorative.

Chamfer maintains character ministry:

Want to make sufficient ankle fast restore meticulous, the most important segment is chamfer pledges, namely eliminate ageing cell, the help is metabolic. The foot of the girl is more delicate, once encounter,accordingly harm can become coarser. Suggest so girl people answer to try to let a foot change unvarnished, usable and pliable Xiaoshi head chafes, again Tu Shangzi raises frost, cover on cotton socks can.

Heat preservation is moist maintain:

Knee, ankle is the place with the easiest and dry skin, so of this place it is the most important to keep wet job. Can select a product according to skin property. Oily skin can choose relaxed latex, and drying skin can choose to protect skin frost or massage oil, or it is taller milk frostlike powder or grease part come moist skin.

We see the topic that a few girls care below:

The dietotherapy with crural ministry coarse skin brushs a law:

This kind of girl can choose to feed the skin of citric, watermelon, small cucumber vegetables and fruits that contains a lot ofvitaminic C to brush a foot more, can prevent crural ministry agnail, make the skin of crural ministry delicate Bai Xi.

How clavus of purify foot ministry?

Corn is long in toe and sole crustaceous, because ministry of too close, foot suffers shoe,chafe commonly cause, the simplest way is to stick corn plaster, the result is bad to have to go to a hospital treating, him absolutely cannot take small knife to dig.

If toenail grows to do how in the flesh?

Toenail is long in the flesh, both neither is beautiful uncomfortable also. Amendatory method is do not cut too shortly when cutting toenail, with can covering tiptoe is advisable, make toenail long come out slowly.

What how eliminate sufficient department is fatigue?

When walk or carrying momentum feels crural ministry is fatigue, can eliminate exhaustion with the method below:

1. Vinegar of one cannikin rice is joined in Wenshui, bubble foot 20 minutes, balance next, head of crural prep above half hours.

2. Press double foot immerge water first (can bear with the foot in the limit of) about 2 minutes, next again immerge cold water 2 minutes, exchange 3 times two.

Of crural ministry decorate reach the fingernail oil with right choice

Of crural ministry decorate basically point to trim nail, every week at least clip, before clip toenail, want cleared fingernail oil first. Use soap first abluent double foot, what divide sole and calcaneal with float stone mill is crustaceous, with the bilge inside toenail of purify of soft tooth brush, wipe the foot, again clip toenail.

Vaseline can be used after clip is over all round Tu Yuzhi armour, after infiltration skin, reoccupy makes up cotton erase, in order to maintain the softness of skin.

And respecting toenail is oily, items is various. When choose, should abide by commonly below a few principles:

1. Want to make beetle-crusher appears a few smaller, the fingernail that should choose light color is oily, be like shallow auroral. Do not use bright beautiful marked colour, appropriate is used what do not give off light is tonal, be like pink or shallow brown, do not want Tu Man whole toenail. Control blank of each stationary point, can achieve slender result.

2. The blue veins on the foot is exposed or beyond the mark and barefaced place, should choose oil of downy colorific fingernail, oppress in order to alleviate feeling.

3. If want to make fingernail bit more slender, should choose the fingernail oil that contains Yin Guangfen, if platinum is lubricious.

4. Answer before besmear fingernail is oily first the fingernail with original erase is oily, next an oil that protect armour in order to protect fingernail, can make fingernail falls off not easily, again by beetle-crusher foot fingernail of ordinal and outward besmear is oily, another foot begins besmear from bound feet foot.

How can you just make fingernail oil long?

Breach appears when painting toenail to prevent, going up before fingernail is oily must take out last fingernail is oily. Before shower hind or every sky bed, insist to use embellish skin frostlike powder the skin on moist foot. Undertook crural ministry nurse in January, before go to bed Tu Shanghou nurses thickly fluid, put on cotton socks.

In shower when with floatstone or waterproof drawknife as far as possible take out is crustaceous, every week 2 ~ 3. Every 4 ~ add the fingernail oil with Tu Yi new layer 5 days.

Do not want the corneous layer inside tear at fingernail, may cause infection so. Must use rock-bottom oil, prevent color infiltration toenail inside, make toenail becomes yellow.

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