Is it better to wash a face with what water summer skin appears easily the problem summer?

Is it better to wash a face with what water summer skin appears easily the problem summer?


Follow winter skin to appear all sorts of problems most easily in summer, so in hot summer, what problem is skin most likely to appear?


One. The problem that summer skin appears easily

01. Splash


Spot in summer is high incidence, and in the summer is the most easy to form spot, why? Basically because be in summer ultraviolet ray is very intense, skin gets the harm of ultraviolet ray can cause pigment to be cool-composed, the pigment in deposition skin cannot get decomposition, time is long can form color spot, accordingly, summer is bask in the season with the most important.


02. Black


A lot of people say to be able to blacken in summer, skin blacken is having same place with spot, basically because of the pigmentation in skin cool-headed bring about, some people are in the skin after getting summer ultraviolet ray can blacken.


03. There is a heavy sense of grease


In summer, due to the influence of hot weather, there will be greasy feeling on the skin at every turn, which is the most common problem in summer skin, so in this case, we should properly use some oil control refreshing skin care products to care, do not use too moisturizing products.


4. Enlarged skin pores




Because of the reason of heat bilges cold shrink, in summer, many people have to face pore bulky skin problems, pore bulky if not handled in time, will cause other skin problems, therefore, in order to prevent the skin from rough pore in the summer, we give skin cleaning work every day, to do a good job of hydrating maintenance, before going to bed much apply moisturizing mask, food is given priority to with light, Try not to stay up late.


2. With what water does summer wash a face better?


It is better to wash your face with warm water in summer, because your body temperature is relatively high in summer. If you wash your face with cold water, it is easy to cause pores to tighten. On the contrary, wash your face with hot water will make pores open, which can deeply clean the garbage in pores.

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