How does winter maintain cutaneous method

How does winter maintain cutaneous method

In the winter, as the fall of air temperature, the skin can decrease because of excretive of gland of sweat gland, skin and lose more water is divided and become close hair is dry. Accordingly, undertake in winter hairdressing protects skin more it is important to show.

(1) before going out, should in the Tu Xie on appearing skin oily embellish skin creams, use in labial place especially protect a lipstick.

(2) the number that reduces face of the bath that use heat, everyday 1 ~ 2 can, use less alkalescent heavy soap washs a face.

(3) often massage facial skin, circulate in order to promote blood, can use 1 ~ 2 times every week face film.

(4) after washing a face, the grease on besmear protects skin cosmetic, be like brothers skin occurrence breach, can besmear a few prevent crack ointment. (5) drink water more, eat fresh fruit, vegetable more, right amount eat some of chicken, fish, meat, with the moisture inside additional system and nutrition.

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