How does man winter protect the detailed introduction of skin

How does man winter protect the detailed introduction of skin

Respecting cutaneous maintains with nurse, people thinks this is the female’s thing. Actually, male sebaceous glands and sweat gland are bigger than the female, skin acidity is taller than the female also, excretive skin fat and sweat juice are much, the hair that go up and goes up personally is thick also and the face is thick. More what is more,the rather that, the male relatively female more often be engaged in each hard physical labor below the environment with difficult condition, dry dirty work, tired work, the skin gets pollution more easily, blacken, rough. Accordingly, the male should undertake to the skin more science, reasonable nurse and maintain.

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The man protects skin control the following 4 element:

Insist to massage: Massage can make the anile cell of skin surface layer falls off in time, promote facial blood circulation, improve cutaneous breath, the exudation that uses sebaceous glands and sweat liquid increases skin nutrition, enhance the vigor of skin depth cell, make thereby skin burnish and bouncy.

Massage method is: The Tu Yi on preexistence face some massage cream, use finger to the grain reason down facial skin falls and go up next delimit circle type undertakes massage, when washing a face early, late everyday, undertake, massage 10 minutes or so every time. After massaging, use clear bath to be wiped completely, water of the astringent on besmear can.

Correct shave needs: The man’s beard grows quickly, some person beard are particularly shock still, need often blows introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad, shave. Shave should choose to be in in the morning, because right now facial ministry and skin are in,loosen condition. Should choose character good, excitant small shave must cream, black and gentle shave need water. First only area, wait for pore to loosen stretch, resumptive shave needs beard molten. The order when the operation should arrive from hair on the temples, cheek, neck all round the lip reach chin. After shave is needed, wash a face with Wen Shui, reoccupy cold water rushs, at patulous pore with benefit systole recovers from an illness. Later, tu Xie is moist fluid, frost, in order to pacify the skin, decrease smartly. Additional, at ordinary times avoid by all means uses a hand or forceps chaos unplugs beard, lest because the bacterium inbreaks,cause the folliculitis, furuncle, skin disease such as pore evaginate, injure the skin thereby.

Do not smoke: Want your appearance is clean luster, man must smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline. Because, a variety of harmful material are contained in cigarette, wait like nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, they can damage human body health, your skin is gloomy without light. Smoke of be addicted to is like the person of the life, light gloomy and dry, much furrow shows a face aged, the tooth is brown and nigrescent, eyesight, audition is abate, weigh a meet with to contract cancer. Prevent bask in prevent frostbite: Often the man of outdoors exercise and activity, want summer to prevent bask in, winter prevent frostbite. Summerly sunrise door did not forget to prepare some prevent those who bask in and so on of oily, frost to defend article, in case the skin is basked in. The connoisseur thinks, the skin is prevented bask in Ying Congchun day to begin, although spring does not have the sorching burning sun of summer, dry however and windy, sunshine is much, cloudiness is little, ultraviolet ray is very sharp. Accordingly, prevent bask in things to be able to be used April. Midwinter season goes out outside when want Tu Xie grease or prevent frostbite to cream, in case facial by frostbite or chap. Face the Tu Xie before sleeping in the evening moist frost, if the lip is weather-shack, can besmear bit of lipstick, make the skin gets sufficient nutrition and maintain wet burnish.

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