he role and efficacy of vitamin E

he role and efficacy of vitamin E

What do the action and effect of vitamin E have? Modern people pay more and more attention to health care and anti-aging, a variety of trace elements have been pushed into the heat search, vitamin E is no exception, so what are the specific roles and effects of vitamin E, let’s understand.

Vitamin Benefits # 1: Antioxidants

Modern people are very keen on anti-aging products, and we all hope that we can stay young forever. Among them, vitamin E has been paid attention to because of its good anti-oxidation effect. Vitamin E can protect cells from free radical damage to delay aging, can fight arteriosclerosis and improve immune function.

Vitamin 2: Tocopherol

Vitamin E can maintain and promote fertility, and tocopherol is its hydrolysate, which is an indispensable nutritional element for mammalian fertility. In clinic, vitamin E is often used to treat threatened abortion and habitual abortion as well as menopausal syndrome.

Vitamin effect 3: fight arteriosclerosis

Vitamin E can prevent vascular aging, improve the toughness and elasticity of human blood vessels, can effectively prevent thrombosis and arteriosclerosis.

Although vitamins have so many good effects and effects, the intake of vitamin supplements should not exceed 400 mg per day. In fact, vitamin E is also found in a variety of nuts and whole grains, as well as meat, eggs and leafy vegetables in the diet. As long as we achieve balanced nutrition, do not choose to eat not partial food, there is basically no need to add additional vitamin E.

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